Automatic fire extinguisher patch MICRO 119/Taiwan K.K. Corporation

認證編號 111001
認證商品 Automatic fire extinguisher patch MICRO 119
申請單位 Taiwan K.K. Corporation

The micro extinguishing capsule of the attached fire extinguisher MICRO119 automatically disperses the extinguishing agent in response to a specific temperature and flame, so it responds immediately in case of a fire and is easy to extinguish the initial fire quickly. 
MICRO119, a fire suppression pad designed in consideration of the occurrence of a fire in an electric panel, has excellent characteristics of a cooling fire extinguishing method that enables perfect fire suppression with an immediate reaction at the time of initial ignition. 
● Easy to install, operate and maintain. 
● Various uses for fire prevention purposes. 
● In case of fire, it operates/starts itself without artificial measures. 
● The useful life is semi-permanent. 
● Reaction temperature standards are clear and capsule reliability is high.