Taiwan Association of Disaster Prevention Industry (TADPI) aims to integrate the internal disaster prevention industry chain of Taiwan, promote and expand not only internal but also international market, and apply the disaster prevention technology to raise our country’s prevention standards.

Officially founded on 31 March 2013, TADPI cooperates with organizations and experts from different fields, such as prevention technology, engineering practices, product insurance, geospatial information, monitoring technology, communications technology, and security firefighting.

Recently the authorities are promoting “Open Data“relevant with the disaster Potential Analysis. TADPI has provided a platform to integrate various resources, facilitated the vertical and horizontal of the disaster prevention industry to integrate and intensify the strength of the prevention disaster technology and industry, hoping to take the internal industry to the next level and also bring more benefits to the disaster prevention industry such as employments opportunities. 

Through promoting relevant business, we hope to strengthen public awareness and adoptability when faced with the catastrophe, meanwhile, assist the corporate to research the climate change adaptation strategy, formulate the Business Continuity Plan (BCP), and support the government promote the continuity development as the eternal goal.